The series “Craft” is about personal exploration through work, and is intended to show how mindfulness and personal worth is created through the development of a skill and demonstration of craftsmanship. While much social documentary has shown the hardships and mind-numbing, soul-crushing nature of work in fields, factories, mines and offices, I want instead to exalt work that is meaningful, personal and fulfilling, and furthermore has a personal connection between craftsperson and customer. In this sense the work is meant to be optimistic, not social criticism.
Craft TitleViolin Shaping ToolsHarp Carving #1Violin Shaping #6Violin Shaping #4Cello ShapingViolin PatternsViolin Backs #1Violin LidViolin Shaping #2Violin Shaping #1F-hole CutVarnish BrushesViolin Varnish #2DrillHarp Shaping #1Waiting to be PlayedSurrounded