The border is complicated and filled with contradictions, both physically and in terms of the issues it presents. In different places it appears open and imposing, wild and urban. When traveling in the border region I feel the presence of those that are always watching, and always being watched.

There appear to be no simple answers to the questions that arise from the border, only evidence of the consequences of its existence.
Border Patrol helicopter, San Diego, CABoquillas, MexicoBorder merchants crossing, Boquillas, MexicoBorder merchant, Big Bend National Park, TXBorder merchant souvenirs, Big Bend, TXBorder merchant waiting by the Rio Grande, Boquillas, MexicoBorder merchant, Boquillas, MexicoRelief map, Lajitas, TXBorder Patrol, rail crossing, Laredo, TXPatrol car, Salineno, TXUS Government Property, Laredo, TXWarning, Falcon Heights, TXRio Grande fishermen, Laredo, TXBorder fence and  crossing, Matamoros, MexicoHotel Rio, Laredo, TXRail bridge and border fence, Laredo TXBorder fence,  Lukeville, AZCaution, Lukeville, AZLow border fence, Sonoyta, MexicoBorder fence, Hereford, AZ